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Stainless steel forged steel valves should take effective preventive measures

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Stainless steel forged steel valves produced in the body and around the body position of the seat with the size of the deformation during the welding process, in order to prevent welding deformation, so the welding process should take effective preventive measures, a total of 5 points, as follows:

1 stainless steel, forged steel valves should be welded by high heat energy.

2, the selection of process parameters, reasonable groove form and low energy input.

3, restrict and reduce the welding heating area, forced cooling (water cooled copper plate or welding parts).

4, selection of fine wire, low speed control, the interval of every temperature at 50 ~ 80 C.

5, the reasonable arrangement of the assembling and welding sequence.

The structure characteristics of forged steel valves

1) forged steel valve has good thermal insulation, cold insulation properties, in addition to reducing diameter insulation valve, the valve diameter and the diameter of a medium, linear flow, small resistance, can effectively reduce the heat loss of the medium in pipelines, therefore, the liquid medium to high viscosity, solidification with excellent performance.

2) wedge-shaped seal structure. Forged steel valve stem is provided by the mechanical force, the ball seat on the wedge pressure to seal, the valve seal from the impact of changes in pipeline pressure, under various working conditions to ensure reliable sealing performance are.

3) the self cleaning forged steel valve sealing structure. When the ball roll off the seat, the fluid in the pipeline along the sealing surface of the sphere into 360 degrees evenly through, not only eliminates the high speed fluid on the seat of local scour, also washed away the sediment on the sealing surface, achieve the purpose of cleaning.